Wisdom IT Services is a diversified provider of Recruitment, Staffing, Human Resource Management, Product Development, and Information Technology services. Backed by a proprietary database, innovative technology, and deep expertise in domains such as IT, Telecom, Finance, Pharma, Operations, and Sales, Wisdom IT Services is now a leading hiring services and solutions company.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company with several awards and recognitions under its belt, Wisdom IT Services brings a unique approach, based on skill assessment of shortlisted candidates, to recruitment. Operating through specialized teams, we provide customized recruitment solutions across leading industry verticals.

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Services We Provide

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Companies are looking for the best talent to counter increasingly demanding and complex business scenarios. Business success is built upon the foundations of talent, and to succeed, organizations need to implement differentiated sourcing and strategies.

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Contract Staffing

Through our agile and innovative staffing solutions, we help you meet the changing talent needs of today.Whether they are short-term assignments, seasonal placement or workforce management programs – our approach helps in placing the right talent in the right position thus delivering better business results. Use our contingent workforce solutions for increased flexibility to deal with seasonal change in talent demand and to take advantage of promising opportunities in the marketplace.

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Permanent Recruitment

Executive Search

When companies look to hire good leaders, the challenges are many. The leader’s individual aspirations need to align with the business goals and direction of the organization. This calls for a highly specialized and focused search.We leverage our expertise, network and market research in helping our customers identify suitable leaders who can help them deliver value through their business strategies.

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IT Services

An up to date and robust IT system capable of measuring up to the persistent challenges faced by it, day-in and day-out, is absolutely critical for an organization. Good IT infrastructure not only aids efficiency but also, invariably, affects many aspects of running a successful business. From procedural aspects to customer interactions to manpower productivity, IT infrastructure impacts every step of your company’s operations.

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Product Development

Our product development services are end-to-end, and comprehensive – from evaluating feasibility, to development and product implementation, and subsequent maintenance. Our experienced and highly-skilled product development team also supports customers in product integration, implementation, training and orientation, and customization

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HR Solutions

Our innovative HR solutions are designed to plug existing gaps in the hiring process and to streamline it with a view to simplify hiring, for all stakeholders involved.

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