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Information Technology
The information technology industry, riding on the growth and development of the revolutionary semiconductor industry, has in itself become the bedrock of almost every other business activity throughout the world. It has almost single-handedly redefined the meaning of performance and efficiency - the most critical indicators of how successfully businesses are run. Thus, it is evident that an industry which, directly and indirectly, shoulders the responsibility of running hundreds and thousands of businesses smoothly, itself needs to keep-up with specific demands of the markets supported by appropriate manpower. The genesis of WITS itself is rooted in the IT industry. That besides, being an entity that is also into IT development and related services gives WITS -with its deep insights of the industry- the edge over other players. So, quite naturally, we have been leveraging on this wealth of our presence, expertise, and experience to deliver top quality resource management services to the IT industry.

The global semiconductor industry has been at the heart of many revolutionary developments starting from the latter half of the 20th century. The information-technology revolution gave it a further impetus and the industry has an estimated market of more than $300 billion. Role of the industry as a technology enabler is very pivotal in the broad spectrum of application (of the products) in various industries, including defense systems and other sensitive installations. It, therefore, becomes imperative that the industry is well-served so that it is able to meet the requirements of its target markets. One of the primary necessities for a flourishing semiconductor industry is the hands that comprise it. Therefore, due emphasis is laid on bringing on-board the best and the most enterprising talent that is available in the job market. WITS appreciates this fact and attaches as much importance to this very important aspect on which hinges the success and growth of such a huge industry. We have been providing a wide range of specialized services to the industry since our inception, and have thus acquired expertise in scouting the best and most suitable resources (viz., highly intelligent and multi-lingual etc.,) that measure up to the needs of the semiconductor industry.

The Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) has had an exponential growth, which was triggered by the growth and development witnessed globally during the last two decades or so. It is obvious that this is one industry that caters to virtually every other industry one can think of. That means, it has to constantly come up with measures and products that keep it up to speed with the market changes, and which again have to be replenished, improvised, and updated aided by innovative practices. Therefore, it is pertinent that the industry is equipped with the right and best of resources with knowledge, exposure, experience, skills, and a certain degree of expertise of many aspects of modern-day living. We at WITS have so far tried to match-up with the requirements of this high-beta industry and have been furnishing many players, big and small, of the industry with the most suitable – both intellectual and cultural– resources.

Management consulting
Management Consulting is a very tricky and challenging line of business activity – simply because while a good result will bring about plaudits and revenues, the implications of a faulty or inappropriate solution are many. It might spell doom for both the client as well as the consultant. Obviously, the prospects of such an eventuality are not lost on the management consulting companies the world over whom, therefore, have set very high standards as regards their resource acquisition and management. WITS is also equally mindful of the pitfalls of improper recruiting in any industry, more so in this particular field and, has been serving its clients accordingly; hand-picking resources for specific requirements, with utmost emphasis on extensive experience and exposure as indeed on the aptitude of potential resources.

The technology-enabled telecom industry has spread its wings across the globe. Spurt in the number of subscribers the world-over means a many-fold increase in the tele-density,testimony to the fact that telecom has now become one of the primary infrastructure requirements of any business. Therefore, this vital segment, which has played a very significant role in the development and growth of many industries, also needs a constant supply of suitable resources, and WITS has been delivering on that front as well.

What was once perceived as just a watch-dog, extending further perhaps to being a reflection on the times and societies, the media industry has over a period of time literally transformed the way life is looked at. The transition has been so dramatic that it now has many facets to it, which have a myriad range of expressions. This has certainly given hope as indeed opportunity to many job-seekers as well as opened the doors for a new brand of entrepreneurship. To withstand the pressures, and to be able to sustain themselves in an ultra-competitive industry, employers are looking for a work-force that is a good mix of fresh as well as experienced heads who, with their enterprise and imagination, will take the respective media houses forward. And here too, WITS has been quite ably providing quality resources.

WITS has a short but very successful association with some very prestigious clients from this segment of the industry, and have been providing them with very effective and quality resource management services.

The manufacturing sector might seem to be one of the laggard’s vis-à-vis the growth and development during the contemporary period, when most other segments have had a greater growth and success, achieved at almost break-neck speed. But, surely, no development or growth story is of substance without a proportionate, even if relatively less, growth in the manufacturing sector. Therefore, neither policy-makers nor planners fail to acknowledge the significance of this segment when it comes to resource allocation. Likewise, we at WITS also accord it due recognition and do our bit to further the cause. Our innovative products like Pragnya Meter and e-University have been contributing greatly in our efforts of creating a pool of market-ready and multi-skill resources for this sector.

IT Enabled Services (ITES)
The IT enabled services have brought about a whole-new perspective to undertaking or running a variety of processes relating to a particular business. Not only that, this path-breaking sector has presented more avenues and vistas than ever before to businesses and job-seekers alike. So much so, that every second business of any standing has to have some kind of ITES in place to help run their operations smoothly. These services also require appropriate manpower to be effective and, WITS has been catering to the manpower needs of providers from the Americas to the Far-East.

The automobile industry has always been one of the early adopters of technological developments of the modern age, a fact which has only increased the already substantial scope it presented to job aspirants. Also, it might just be one of the few industries that provide jobs to people with expertise in a vast range of skills. So, WITS has been up to the task as regards meeting the requirements of many clients in this sector that is considered to be one of the wheels of growth.