What We Do

IT Solutions

IT services are as important to a company for the safe, secure, trouble-free, and efficient conduct of its business activity as any other aspect connected with it. Hence, having in a place an up to date and robust IT system that is capable of measuring up to the persistent challenges faced by it, day-in and day-out, arising out of any operational activity or business transaction, is absolutely critical for an organization. Good IT infrastructure not only aids efficiency but also, invariably, affects many aspects of running a successful business. Based on how it is treated, it might make or break, as the case may be, the prospects of a business. From procedural nitty-grittys to customer interaction to manpower productivity, anything can suffer a break-down owing to inappropriate and insufficient IT infrastructure. Therefore, IT systems are a vital cog in the wheel of progress of any organization that not only wants to be up to speed with the dynamics of the age we are in, but also stay ahead of the times even.

We recognize this critical aspect and aim to put our every possible resource at your disposal, to provide you with all the IT services that you might require to run your business efficiently. No matter how complex and sophisticated a requirement you may have, whether it is related to hardware, networking or consultancy: we are well-equipped to cater to all your needs. “We Have Solutions”.

We analyze the client’s current IT set-up to understand the requirement and then try to address the current as well as future requirement issues and, accordingly, offer solutions. The areas we provide solutions for are:

Cloud computing
Troubled-economies, bleak growth prospects, and shrinking budgets have forced the hands of even giant corporations, and consequently more and more business are looking to bring down the costs to the extent possible. Cloud computing is one such development that promises to help such corporations avail the benefits of computing / automation while keeping spends to a considerably less than what they would otherwise have to. WITS with some of the best IT talent amongst its rankers and a proven track-record, is most suitably equipped to cater to the development needs of cloud computing.

Mobility services and solutions
The advent of IT enabled services has meant a surge in the telecom sector. More specifically, mobile telephony with its strong inclination to provide users with scores of services through innovative yet user-friendly options, presents immense scope for developers and service providers. Providing mobility services and solutions is just an extension of IT services which is one of our strategic areas of operation.

ERP Solutions
The extent of growth and development over the last two-and-a-half decades across the globe has been nothing short of phenomenal. All this has, inevitably, lead to an exponential growth in the size and volumes of business – calling for very robust ERP solutions. Although our presence in the ERP solutions market is nascent, we still have been able to contribute our bit to help ease the load with a fair share of our very own products and services.

The other areas our solutions include are as follows:

  • Hardware
  • Network Solutions
  • E-Security Solutions
  • Office Automation Tools
  • Software Development Tools