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    Wisdom IT services a leading employability solutions firm which is a pioneer in RPO has awarded the prestigious STAR PARTNER AWARD-2014 from HCL for an outstanding contribution to recruitment process outsourcing at Global Strengthening Partnership conference. We work with more efforts with our clients to achieve excellence in assessments, sourcing and operations to achieve scalable acquisition of the ‘right’ talent. Wisdomjobs make it as habit of excellence and received this award from HCL in the year 2013 also and attained the same level of success in the year 2014 also. Ajay kola CEO and Founder of wisdomjobs appreciated the whole team of HCL recruitment for their Integrity, hard work and continuous efforts to proven expertise and insightful market intelligence to secure long-term partnerships with HCL.

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    Wisdomjobs entering in to 4th year

    Wisdom jobs completed 3 years successfully and entered in to 4th year with notable achievements and accomplishments in a period of one year. We have developed a talented and dedicated team 200+ people now where as 3 people at the time of inception. It has started with one portal ( in the year 2010 and now it has developed nearly 12 portals in various countries like US, UK, Canada, Gulf, South Africa, Germany, Newzealand, Australia, Italy, Malaysia and Singapore. Jobsmate is another milestone in the journey of wisdomjobs which is a social networking app developed by wisdomjobs to get succeed in job search through social networking. Another philanthropic activity is Support a Child which adds Rs 1 to the child education fund to help a poor child by each subscription added through jobsmate. Spark of the corporate is a weekly publication which let you know about the success story of an entrepreneur and successfully completed more than 100 publications. Receiving HCL star performer award is recognition for our effective recruitment solutions. Wisdomjobs has celebrated 3rd anniversary with more enthusiasm and entertainment activities.

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    Wisdom IT Services Start Partner

    Wisdom IT Services bagged "Star Partner Award" from HCL We are proud to announce that Wisdom IT Services Pvt Ltd , has been awarded the “Star Partner Award” for the highest headcount with HCL in remarkable short span of time i.e 18 months. The award ceremony took place in Bangalore on Friday, January 25,2013. Wisdom -HCL recruitment team was recognised for their significant part in talent procurement of HCL. This award is a great recognition for our approach to the recruitment strategy, candidate management, and collaboration with our clients. This award may help us in creating networking and building relationships and platform in hiring world.

    Mr. Ajay Kolla,CEO, Wisdom IT Services, said, “We are thankful to the HCL Recruitment and Vendor Management team for their cordial support with trust and integrity. We will be motivated by this success and it is through our awards that we continue to show the excellent quality of our IT recruitment services.I am proud of our wisdom -HCL recruitment team for their collective contributions and efforts to achieve this milestone.”

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    WisdomJobs -2nd anniversary celebrations

    We are glad to announce that has completed two years successfully and has entered in to its third year. Since its inception, there has been a remarkable progress and all our endeavors have been successful. Wisdom jobs celebrated its 2nd anniversary on September 2sd, 2012. Employees of wisdom gathered to celebrate and welcome note was given by Ms. Swetha and all the employees were very enthusiastic and expressed their views for being part of wisdom jobs and wished that they are looking ahead to celebrate many more anniversaries. Chief Guest of the event Mr. Srinivas Rao, Director, conveyed his wishes for to celebrate more anniversaries in future. Mr. Ajay Kolla, CEO, thanked each and every employee for their valuable contribution towards the success of the organization. He explored various developmental stages of organization from establishment to the present. He also stated that wisdom is going to launch 7 more new job portals of various countries like USA, Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa and Italy in a couple of months. Mr. Ajay assured that wisdom will surely offer better career growth prospects to all its employees. The event ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs. Hima Bindu.

    Achievements of wisdom in its 2 years of journey: Initially we started with and we’ve launched 3 more portals i.e., and within two years of time.

    • The company was started with 4 employees now the number has been reached to 230.
    • Achievements like ISO 9001:2008 certification and NASSCOM membership made us to stand proudly in the competitive market.
    • We are also proudly announcing that : -we’ve secured top position among 600+ vendors of HCL
      -20+ Millions of Resume database in India
      -40+ active clients for recruitment
      - One of the top 3 job portals in India
    • In the endeavor to accomplish our mission, we constantly produced innovative products like E-University, Pragnya Meter to sync with our core business.
    • We also started Prganya Meter drives in various B-schools, Engineering and technological institutions.
    • Pragnya meter has entered in to the market and occupied a prominent place in the market with 5 crore multiple choice questions on 6000+ skillsets at one place, which cannot be found in any other tool.
    • E-University is another feather in the crown of wisdom. It was built with 2 crore Interview questions with a single click access.
    • Recently we’ve launched an Intranet ‘WISDOMATE’ to be transparent and speedup the HR and admin activities.

    It is all been possible only because of our commitment towards the employees and our esteemed clients. Our approach is built on the success of using the right combination of strategy, people, processes, technology, and infrastructure for each client situation, to meet specific business needs and delivering the expected results. The major fact behind the progress of wisdom is because of the dynamic leadership of our company CEO Mr. Ajay Kolla. His forward thinking vision, innovative thoughts and business strategies as per the market trends has driven to be in the top 3 portals in India.

    Let’s wish that our future endeavors will also be successful and we will continue to celebrate fruitful anniversaries like this.

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    WisdomJobs – at 2nd Annual IT Summit (HICC), Hyderabad

    Wisdom jobs taken active participation at 2nd Annual IT Summit, Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC), Hyderabad, 21st & 22nd June, 2012. Got huge applause for its innovative product Pragnya Meter. The representatives of have showcased the wisdom products. The main objective of the Advantage AP 2012 was not only to meet the global leaders of IT Industry, but also personally interact with the local industry for making your investment decisions. I sincerely look forward to seeing you at Advantage AP 2012 and making it an enriching experience for everyone involved.

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    Anti Corruption Act 2011 – Wisdom Jobs is participated in Anti Corruption Campaign

    Recently Wisdom Jobs, a small enthusiastic Y-generation company in Hyderabad has launched a small awareness program against corruption. In this program it was stated that “corruption is even more dangerous than terrorism”. As a part of the organization I am moved and awakened by this school of thought. I want to thank the management of the organization to taking a step forward in creating awakening in people and reminding them where they are heading. Sometimes small contribution like this will create a big difference in the society and people. Hope many companies follow your footsteps and show little contribution to the society; apart from just doing only business.

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    WisdomJobs – Freedom Ride event in Hyderabad 2011

    Wisdom jobs has conducted a freedom ride event on the occasion of 64th Independence day in Hyderabad.

  8. Wisdom IT Services Member of NAASSCOM
    Wisdom IT Services India Pvt. Ltd., is now a proud member of NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Service Companies) the premier trade body of IT-BPO industries in India and been listed one among its 1335 members. As we know, NASSCOM’s members are highly-valued in the market since the organization admits only members who adhere to stringent quality standards and global delivery models of the industries they represent. As a member of NASSCOM we got a opportunity to interact with industry peers, which will help us share best practices in a bid to provide competitive services to our customers. We expect NASSCOM membership provides a big leap to escalate our business on to the next level in the international market.

  9. A ISO 9001:2008 certification

    As a ISO 9001:2008 certified company we are committed to meet customer’s expectations by providing software products defect and bug free services, recruitment services and consulting with utmost honesty, loyalty and integrity. The agenda of ISO 9001:2008 certification are as follows:

    • Continual improvement in all our processes and systems that can further help in adapting the rapidly changing technology environment.
    • Trading of personnel at every stage of the software development of lifecycle.
    • Make sure that every solution is delivered from our end is robust and scalable.
    • Design policies for attracting, training and retaining qualified staff.
  10. Wisdom IT Services Nominated for the second round of Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award for the year 2012

    The 1st round of evaluation for the Enterprise and IT Architecture Excellence Award for the year 2012 has just concluded. Lo and behold! We have made it through to the 2nd round of evaluation where we are pitted against –so to say– some of the pioneers of the industry, who have been making a mark at the international level through their innovations and excellence. Even as this blog is being written, a sense of achievement and immense pride pervades the air. A feeling of belonging is certainly making its presence felt, for to be nominated for evaluation in the second means our products will put to a sterner test than ever before, which in itself is a great deal more than just the award. Admittedly, this is just a nomination and not the declaration of the winner. But, what it means to us is that despite us being a start-up, and in the face of ever-changing requirements of the industries that we are catering to, we were able to make our small-little mark. This will act as the spur that will drive our ambition of becoming the industry leaders forward.

    The team deserves a pat on the back for all its endeavors and workmanship, which have been top-notch. Definitely, the first frontier has been sailed through, and we shall now look forward to the results of 2nd round of evaluation with much enthusiasm. However, regardless of the result there, we should not, for a moment even, halt in our determination to be the best in everything we do, and gear up for more opportunities that will present themselves, of course with quite a few challenges nested within. As always, let us gun for innovation and excellence!

  11. Wisdom IT Services nominated for the second round of 20th Annual ITsAP Software Product Showcase and Awards

    Kudos! we are thru to the second round of 20th Annual ITsAP Software Product Showcase and Awards where we have succesfully showcased the advantages of our product Pragnya Meter. We have been selceted for the Jury on 6th June at IIIT-H, as one of the finalist for the ITsAP Software Product Competition 2012 to be held at HICC, Hyderabad on 21st and 22nd June 2012. We are proudly announcing that we portrait our product in the market and it is an excellent opprotunity to stand out in the industry. We are exepcting to move to the next rounds of the awards and be the finalist.