Meet Our Team

Vision: To build and maintain the lead position in the recruitment world by identifying, developing, deploying, retaining and rewarding our client’s requirements with a focus on emerging markets.

Mission: We are committed to build organizations and careers by providing premium integrated solutions for human capital management based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

We strive to match our clients’ needs and meet their expectations by delivering the best professionals to our clients and the best career opportunities to potential jobseekers. We accomplish our mission with our innovative products like Pragnya Meter and E-University and to continue as a leading recruitment firm in various areas like staffing, strategic sourcing and logistics.

Core Values:

  • We uphold integrity above all else.
  • Our work and efforts are driven by a deep-rooted passion to improve and excel in everything we do.
  • Our strength is teamwork and collaborative practices.
  • We stay eternally optimistic of the business environment we are in.
  • We constantly strive to enrich our professional relationships.