What We Do

Resource Management

With the advent of the IT revolution which had a catalytic effect on an evolving market economy, it is imperative that businesses deliver their best, almost always! What all this means is high quality, less resources, heavier workloads, and tighter -and often unrealistic- deadlines, a scenario which has subjected companies the world over to constant and relentless pressure to optimize their resources and, maximize their output and efficiency. It has definitely had the most significant impact on one of the critical areas of running a business – man power. Consequently, companies are harried when it comes to managing their human resources i.e. finding and retaining the best talent. Screening and selecting the right candidate can take up valuable time; more so as companies invariably do not have a well-developed referral network at their disposal.

If finding and retaining the right resources happen to be the primary concerns for recruiters and managers, then aspects such as the number, types of arrangement, procedural hassles, cost of acquisition, orientation, and maintenance also present persistent challenges. Even as companies are yet to master these situations, some almost struggling to come to terms with the current needs, market dynamics throw up fresh and yet more tricky scenarios - demanding so much more from the man power department. While some are up to it, most others are often found wanting. Under such circumstances, businesses can only wish for an able and experienced ally to help them sail through such fast-changing times smoothly.

This is precisely where an entity like WITS can make the difference. We understand these challenges inside-out as we have been providing businesses with the best IT talent for well over half a decade. Backed by a thoroughly oriented and highly proficient team, whose past experience best suits them for the job, and a well-connected network, we have exceeded the expectations of our clients including many Fortune 1000 companies vis-a-vis their resourcing needs. Be it providing an entire team of resources or just one, we take great care in matching up the best talent to the specific requirements of our clients. Our services are not just limited to permanent recruitment solutions, but also include arranging for contractual resources, quasi-permanent placements, and background checks. That besides we also run a fully developed internship program which accords completeness to our resource management capabilities.

Do you have projects or assignments that require talented but temporary resources, and you do not want to be faced with the inherent hassles of sourcing a resource on contract ?

Well , we are here to help you find them seamlessly, by matching the best suited candidates with your specific requirements. Our seasoned team of recruiters, aided by a wide-reaching network, quickly finds candidates that are the best fit for your requirements. This will save you valuable time and money, and importantly, take out the painstaking exercise of you having to find candidates with the right skills, and who are also seeking / willing to take-up contract positions.

Contract to Hire
Many companies today are choosing to make a short-term commitment by engaging the services of a consultant since there is no other surefire way of determining the fitment of a resource for a position unless s/he is taken on-board. However, you would also like to have the option of hiring the candidate full-time, if need be. This need brought upon by candidates initially hired on temporary basis proving to be just the right match for your present as well as future process / operational needs and business prospects; in which case, you would want to retain those resources for good. If you also happen to be looking for such an arrangement, then let us help you with your Contract-to-Hire needs.

We also offer contract staffing solutions to our clients. Under this arrangement, an employee gets the facility to work at client site while being on our payroll, subject to mutually agreeable terms and conditions. This is one of the better alternatives to permanent staffing for providing manpower to complete projects of varying durations. With our vast experience in the recruitment field, we short-list candidates based on their suitability for the position, establish their credentials by conducting interviews and a thorough background check, and only upon determining the fitment of the resource to deliver on the job responsibilities do we present them to the client. We offer short term/long term contract staffing to meet the demands of our clients. We have a huge database of skilled personnel willing to take-up contract positions. Let our efforts eliminate the valuable time and resources that you would invest for recruiting suitable manpower.

Dedicated Resource Center
Are you looking for a team of developers that can help you in building and supporting your applications and custom development endeavors? We can provide you with a dedicated resource team which has project-specific credentials i.e. skills matching your specific development needs. We have resource teams which can work both on-shore as well as off-shore for projects whose span could be any number of months or years even. Thus, you are well-placed to harness the benefits of an efficient team without any overheads, which means definite cost-savings. Just drop in a mail or contact our business team - we will be glad to serve you, and meet your expectations in every respect.

Permanent Placement
Having trouble finding the right permanent resource for that very strategic position? Or, maybe you are plain short of time that is needed to conduct a proper search. Whatever may be the problem, we are here to get the likes of you out of this quandary. We are one of the most tried, tested, and trusted partners of many corporations, small and big alike, which were previously faced with similar situations, and who are now resting assured that there is an able collaborator (in us) to take care of such matters. So, let us do the work for you by screening into our extensive network of highly talented consultants to find the best fit for your specific needs.

Permanent staffing is an integral part of our staffing solutions and we undertake to deliver these services to our clients by recruiting and hiring the very best talent on a permanent basis. We strive to provide them with options that meet their specific needs. We facilitate staffing for the IT as well as non-IT industries such as telecom, manufacturing, education and other sectors, providing them with diverse and highly talented manpower that meet the strategic needs of the organization. We have a dedicated and capable team of professionals with extensive recruitment experience, which connects with organizations in order to assess, analyze, and meet their specific needs. The efforts start with the initial screening of candidates and continue till the coordinating of interviews with the client. We understand the client’s requirement and only recommend a candidate who best suits the job description.

Internship program
In addition, we supplement our resource management efforts with the help of a unique and fully-developed internship program comprising two online features. They are e-University and Pragnya Meter, which complement each other in facilitating the development of quality human capital. While the e-University provides the potential resources -students on the verge of stepping into their professional lives- with career-centric study material (online) covering about 6000 skills that have takers in the job market so that they can hit the ground running with relative ease upon induction, the Pragnya Meter tests the students for their proficiency and preparedness for various specified set of skills sought by employers across the globe.

What’s more, the test score is recorded and is even displayed on the candidate’s resume, which helps potential employers scouting for suitable candidates by providing them with a reasonably good insight into a candidate’s profile. It thus allows for easier and simpler screening as well as decision-making. So, if you are looking to try out some straight-out-of-the-campus fresh minds, then the products of our internship program are definitely worth a look.