Who We Are – Wisdom IT Services

Who We Are

We are into IT consulting, product development, resource management and a host of other complementary services such as online screening, e-learning, resume services, etc. On the back of our experience and extensive knowledge of the numerous latest technologies as well as the niche segments of the industry, and being always up to speed with market dynamics, we have been rendering services that are of utmost quality.

A company that began functioning as a head-hunting agency founded by a group of globe-trotting business enthusiasts, Wisdom IT services Pvt Ltd gradually started focusing on specialization of group services. Although talent acquisition and resource management are our core areas of specialization, it did not take us long to diversify and branch out into other areas of business activity in an ever-changing and fast-paced environment. As a result, we ventured into IT and ITES to begin with, and then went about adding capabilities in a host of other allied as well as diverse sectors such as networking, product development, engineering, manufacturing, etc. This experience also gave us a better and clear understanding of how exactly these verticals functioned, which helped us immensely in delivering resource management services to all our clients with much more diligence and efficiency. The ISO 9001:2008 compliance recognition coupled with the highly respected membership of NASSCOM have, together, added further wings to our ascent as an organization, as they bear testimony to the systematic approach that we have adopted for managing our processes and, to the stringent quality standards that we have put in place and adhere to religiously.

As a global resource management company, we have been delivering “right resource to the right company.” WITS works with myriad segments of industry from small and medium to large-sized companies (including many global Fortune 1000 companies), helping them meet the challenges of resource management. What distinguishes us is our high level of collaboration, and our network that extends beyond geographical boundaries. Our approach is built on the success of using the right combination of strategy, people, processes, technology, and infrastructure for each client situation, to meet specific business needs/challenges and delivering the expected results. In other words, we immerse ourselves into our client’s business, by becoming a member and collaborator of its business team: an aspect which has been a vital component in us delivering results beyond expectations.

In the endeavor to accomplish our mission, we constantly strive to improvise and add on to our capabilities with innovative products like E-University, Pragnya Meter, and a handful of sector and geo-specific portals that act in sync with our core business. While E-University and Pragnya Meter are intended to help job-seekers become market-ready by aiding them with the requisite wherewithal in terms of the preparation by way of providing market-specific study material and a huge database of interview questions in about 6000 skills (E-University) and an exercise to assess their caliber and preparedness in those skills (Pragnya Meter), the portals namely wisdomjobs.com, wisdomjobsgulf.com, wisdomjobs.my, etc., provide job-seekers and employers access to each other thus facilitating a better career for the individual job-seeker and providing greater ROI for today’s progressive-thinking employer.

Vision: To build and maintain the lead position in the recruitment world by identifying, developing, deploying, retaining and rewarding our client’s requirements with a focus on emerging markets.

Mission: We are committed to build organizations and careers by providing premium integrated solutions for human capital management based on mutual respect, trust and integrity.

We strive to match our clients’ needs and meet their expectations by delivering the best professionals to our clients and the best career opportunities to potential jobseekers. We accomplish our mission with our innovative products like Pragnya Meter and E-University and to continue as a leading recruitment firm in various areas like staffing, strategic sourcing and logistics.

Core Values:

  • We uphold integrity above all else.
  • Our work and efforts are driven by a deep-rooted passion to improve and excel in everything we do.
  • Our strength is teamwork and collaborative practices.
  • We stay eternally optimistic of the business environment we are in.
  • We constantly strive to enrich our professional relationships.